Create the trends you would like to be analyzed from your data stream. It is as simple as giving it a name and which entities you want to be contained in it. Entities may be single items (i.e. user) or combinations thereof that describe relationships (i.e. user:song). Each trend can have multiple time scales from minutes to several days. The setup can also be done via simple REST API calls.


After you are set up, you can start sending data by either hitting our REST API with simple calls like /update/trend/username:songid or do the real stuff, connecting and sending a continous data stream of updates. Of course there are libraries in different programming languages to make the process as simple as possible. There is also no limit to the amount of data you can send.


All data is processed immediately and trends are updated in real-time. Watch them in the dashboard or use the REST API for further processing and inclusion into your own application. Request single entity scores /query/trend/user, trend ranges and relationships (i.e. top song played by user). These queries are available for all the time scales (minute, hour, day, week) that you've set up. More information in our extensive documentation.